Ear Candles
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An Ancient Tradition for a New Age






You can earn extra income by selling our Ear Candles.


You can buy these Ear Candles Wholesale.  The price is $1.50 per Ear Candle, in quantities of 50 or more, plus $10.00 S&H.

You can retail these Ear Candles for $3.00 each, thereby doubling your money.

By just selling 50 Ear Candles per month, you will bring in an extra $75.00 to your business every month.

If you sell 100 candles per month, as many of our satisfied customers do, you will bring in an extra $150.00 every month.



You can earn extra income by providing Ear Candling services.


Ear Candlers charge from $30.00 to $50.00 per hour for a four-candle session.  That is a net earning of $24.00 to $44.00 per hour.

Using an average price of $40.00 per session for simplicity, that amounts to $34.00 income per session.  ($40.00 -- 6.00 for Ear Candles=$34.00.)

If you perform one Ear Candling per week, using the average income, that will amount to $136.00 per month in a four-week month.

By performing one session per day, five days per week; using the average price: in a four-week month you will earn $680.00 per month.



It can be a winning situation for everyone.


Each and every client that you Ear Candle should be delighted by the experience.  You will have many repeat clients in whose lives you have truly made a difference.