Ear Candles
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An Ancient Tradition for a New Age






We are a small family business that takes great pride in our Ear Candles.  Any of those Ear Candles that are not absolutely perfect are thrown away.

We use only 100% cotton cloth for our strips.  Each strip is hand-cut by Brenda.

We use local Beeswax.  Charlie hand-dips the Ear Candles, one at a time.

We put a lot of love into our Ear Candles because we want people to benefit from our product.

We started out about seven years ago.  Charlie (he’s the McCoy) took an Ear Candling class.  He came home and Ear Candled Brenda (she’s the Brennan).

Brenda always had a lot of sinus problems, and problems with allergies.

Brenda was so thrilled with the process that she asked Charlie to teach their daughter Hope and their son Keith how to Ear Candle.

In the process, Brenda and Charlie Ear Candled Hope and Keith, and Hope and Keith found that it really helped with their allergy problems.

Now Hope and Keith do Ear Candling, and teach people how to do it too, out of the office of Brennan & McCoy (which also provides other alternative healing services).