Ear Candles
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An Ancient Tradition for a New Age






Before you begin, assemble the following items:

Ear Candles
A Small Bowl of Water
An Aluminum Plate
Matches or a Lighter
A Small Pillow
A Fire-Retardant Cover for the Pillow
A Fire-Retardant Cover for the Hair and Shoulders
Q-tips or cotton swabs
Hydrogen Peroxide or ear oil



Find a quiet place for the client to lie down, out of drafts and traffic.

Cut a hole in the aluminum plate just large enough to slide the ear candle through.

Be sure to cut the hole off-center so that the plate does not get in the way of the shoulder.




Make sure all supplies are together and everything is ready before you begin.

Have your client lie on one side, with a small covered pillow under their head, so that it is as level as possible.

Cover the hair and shoulders with a piece of fire-retardant material, leaving the ear uncovered.

Insert the tapered end of the candle through the hole in the plate. 

Light the blunt end of the candle, then gently put the tapered end into the ear.

Pull the ear slightly on the lobe and again just above and push very gently on the candle to seal it so that no smoke leaks out.

Trim the candle into the bowl of water.  Keep it trimmed so that the flame is always over the open end of the candle.

When finished with one ear, allow the client to turn over so that the process can be repeated on the other ear.

As the candle burns, a crackling sound will be heard.  This usually begins soon after the candle begins to burn.

The burning creates a vacuum effect which generates a smooth, easy flow of heat into the ear.